In times of growing environmental awareness and social responsibility, more and more companies are using products made from renewable resources.

Especially in the packaging industry, attention is increasingly turning to biodegradability and environmentally-friendly materials.

Under the umbrella label GreenPack, the company Leser GmbH is producing packaging lines that meet these conditions.

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Lidded cardboard boxes

The lidded cardboard boxes range, largely produced at the Lahr site, is made of recycled cardboard and FSC-certified finishing paper.

Under the umbrella label GreenPack, there are already several standard series such as 0135 PICOT, 0136 Lezard und 0140 Flower.

Bioplastic boxes ...

... made from 100% plant starch!

This idea led to the first range of global jewellery packaging made from bioplastics, series 1560 EARTH.

This can be used with various customised inlays for a whole variety of products such as key chains, charms, etc.

From plant to box

Find out more and watch our GreenPack film!